Dear Customers,

I have been blessed to provide shoes to an amazing array of petite footed women for the past nine years.

Due to a series of events in the past year - some planned, some totally unexpected - I am suspending operations of The Little Shoe Store indefinitely.

For my customers who wear Ladies sizes 2.5 to 5, the custom order and ready to wear inventory will be transitioning to my dear friend Adriana Robledo of Eshne Petites. I'll send out notifications when she's up and running but in the meantime, she has amazing things from her own collection so check her out here:

For my LP customers, I am still in search of a buyer for the store. If you or someone you know is interested, please email me at to discuss. Also, I will continue to help select customers who have been personally fitted by me with special occasion shoes.

Thank you all so much! It's been my pleasure to give you all Grown Up Shoes for Petite Feet.


The Little Shoe Store has suspended operations.

Please read the letter from the owner on the home page for details.