Size Guide

In order to provide you with a proper fit, our little women shoe sizes are based on the length and width in centimeters of your foot.

Follow these simple steps to determine your correct shoe size.

1. Gather your tools.

You will need two sheets of paper, a ruler, some tape, and a pen or pencil. It also helps to have someone assist with the foot tracing.

2. Tape the paper on a hard surface.  

You will want to be doing the measuring on a hard surface. Place the sheet of paper down and tape to secure it. 

3. Place your foot on the paper.

Place your foot on the center of the sheet of paper. If possible, have your foot facing at a 90 degree angle from the base of the paper. Be to have your weight equally distributed on both of your feet. You may want to have socks on if you plan on wearing them with your shoes.

Now trace all the way around the foot, as closely as possible 

Tip: Measure your feet in the afternoon or evening, since feet tend to swell during the day.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 with the other foot.

Many people find some size difference between feet, so it is important to measure both of them.

5. Determining the shoe size (length) and width.

For your shoe size, measure in centimeters the length of your foot from toe to heel.

To determine your width, measure straight across at the widest point.