About Us

The Little Shoe Store – Grown Up Shoes for the LP Foot

Just because our feet may be petite, we should not be relegated to wearing primary colors, cartoon characters or the “tween” idol of the month.

We are women, and as such, we deserve flats, boots, and heels that give us confidence at work, that get us through our day, and that show off our sexy sensual side whenever we want.

The Little Shoe Store helps the LP Woman to become all she wants to be.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Email me at sydney@thelittleshoestore.com.

Thanks, Sydney


Owner: Sydney Pringle

Fed up with not being able to find stylish shoes for my own size four feet, I decided to take matters into my own hands and established The Little Shoe Store in 2010. I've been blessed to have a dedicated customer base since the start. I'm also thrilled to have created the Little Women line, dedicated to not just LPs but any petite foot that runs wider.



Product photos by Grayson Hall.

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